Episode 14: Brigadier General Roy Webb

Quincy Cannon
Episode 14: Brigadier General Roy Webb

Eric and BJ sat down and discussed (Talking starts at 1:00} our usual: City Cannabis Tax, Fair Tax, Annexation of Illinois from Chicago. You know just some regular run of the mill political commentary (NOT! ~Borat voice) And with Veterans Day coming up we wanted to talk with someone who has served our country and were lucky enough to speak with Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Mr. Roy Webb. (Interview starts at minute 28:00)

Roy had a long career in the military from 1980 until his retirement in 2016. We discuss how his military and professional beginnings shaped the way he leads, and how that has translated to the covid-19 mitigation and so far success at Quincy Public Schools. It really is a great interview and show.

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